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“Substrate & (Tinted) Mortar/thin set: with visiting artist Erin Pankratz-Smith September 16th, 17th & 18th Friday 6p-9p & Saturday & Sunday 10a-5p

The key objective of this class it to get students to start thinking about using the substrate, adhesive and tesserae as equal partners in the overall design of a mosaic;  mortar as a major player in the design and not just a supporting role.  

Through much hands on experience, in depth demonstrations, slideshow/lecture, and lots of opportunity for safe inquiry, students will learn to:

~ Learn how to mix tinted mortar properly. 

~ Make their own mesh-mortar substrates (with hanging assembly).

~ Explore different ways to incorporate coloured mortars into their overall mosaic design by: layering, blending, marking, texturising and scratching to create their substrate backgrounds. 

~ Use tinted mortar as a incorporated/decorative adhesive. 

~ Erin’s unique multicolored “layered blob” technique.

~ Use colour to it’s full potential.

In this hands on workshop students will get to create 2 separate abstract 10″ x 12″ ungrouted pieces that they can try out all of these different techniques on. By using a variety of different tesserae available, students will also have the opportunity to see how subtle colour changes and textures create depth and visual interest. 

*Mortar and thinset are the same thing!
Fee $350.00 + $25.00 materials