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Light, Dark, Value & Tone: Realism in Mosaic Including Portraiture with Carol Shelkin

 In this workshop you will be guided through the process of understanding realism in mosaic art with instruction of using curved or flat planes, shadows, value, composition and design, color choosing and understanding artists’ tricks for creating a work of art in mosaic. We will have lots of exercises to understand professional artists’ techniques. 

 You will be able to create your own mosaic to take home using high quality stained glass. You will be introduced to the gradations and many colors and values of hand-nipped stained glass and learning how to “paint with glass” creating a piece for interior display.  

 In this workshop students will use their choice of traditional and non-traditional mosaic techniques to understand contemporary mosaic in realism with lessons on structure, color, value and types of shadows. 

 Mosaic is unique to all students and the goal in this workshop is to direct and assist each student develop and to polish find their own style. You will learn how to develop an eye for mosaic and create a line drawing with easy to follow steps. There will be a PowerPoint presentation and students will begin to work on a mosaic. Photographic models will be supplied, unless you are a returning student and would like to bring in your own selection. IF YOU ARE A RETURNING STUDENT, please contact Carol for approval of your photographic model.

 Other subjects will include:  presenting your work to gallery owners, exhibitions, building a resume, pricing, photographing your mosaic art, proper adhesives, tools and materials for interior display.  

 The lessons taught and instructions given will last you long after the lesson are over. No question will be left unanswered, so bring questions! This workshop is designed to take the student to the next level.
Fee $400 + $65 materials