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Table Top mosaic workshop February 21st & 22nd

Table Top mosaic workshop
February 21st & 22nd
Sat. 10a-4p & Sun 10a-2p

The Table Top workshop is back by popular demand!!  The pic of the table to the right was completed by a Beginner student that had never mosaicked before and considers herself a very left brain person….so ON THAT NOTE….In this two day workshop students will learn to work on a flat exterior grade substrate. Table bases are custom made with an edged lip to create a much more clean finished edge once grouted.  The bases are made to the following sizes for this workshop.  The size choices are 15″x15″ or 20″x20″.  Using stained glass as the mosaic material, students learn to create and lay out their design using their tesserae (stained glass pieces).   Students will also learn the proper tools and adhesives for creating this indoor or outdoor table mosaic.  A grouting demo will be given on the second day.  Student will go home with a grout kit that they can grout at home or schedule a LAB time to grout their table top.
Fee $210.00 + table base