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Table Top Mosaic Workshop

June 28th & 29th
Sat. 10a-4p & Sun. 10a-2p

In this 2 day workshop students will have an opportunity to create their own functional furniture.  Each student will learn how to create a table top that sits into a proper custom made table base that has a lip allowing the table to have a clean edge and it be flush with the top of the table.  Using ceramic tiles (upgrade to glass for $20.00) students will learn  lay out their design, adhere the tiles to the proper exterior grade board as well as learn how to use proper tools to create different shapes and designs for their project.  This table will be able to be an exterior or interior piece.  There will be a grouting demonstration and students will go home with a grout kit to grout on their own.
Fee $195.00 (does not include table base)

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