Sit down and get to work~

Once again I am sitting at my computer deciding to write about sitting down in my studio and getting to work!  Well now is the time!  I have a deadline and a commission.  A pet portrait of all things.  Not my norm but someone close to me asked if I would do a portrait of their dog and how could I say no!

I am excited to get out my tools, my substrate and my adhesives!  Most of all I am excited to get out my stained glass and start to cut, shape and create a one of a kind mosaic.  It has been that long!  I don't create mosaic art as a hobby, it is my business.  It is just I have managed to own a few other businesses that involve mosaic art.  Like Santa Barbara School of Mosaic Art, which is a school that has world renowned mosaic art teachers that travel from around the world to come teach at my school.  I own Mosaic Arts Online, a business that has a variety of mosaic art online courses.  People can purchase courses and have lifetime access to these courses.  It has become a great way to get many teachers in front of a much wider audience.  Those that cannot travel to see these teachers in person now have the ability to learn from them in their own space and at their own pace.  
I also travel to Todos Santos, Mexico to lead mosaic art retreats.  These happen a couple times a year and do require some amount of attention and work!
So back to the beginning, where it all started, creating mosaic art!  It is time to create Jess the dog and get his mosaic art portrait off to his happy owners! It is now time to dive into design, laying out, cutting and adhering!
Stay tuned for the finished piece!