Summer and Mosaic Art

Summer here in Santa Barbara is a special time.  Life slows down a bit and people seem more relaxed and even more creative.  So having a career that is all about being creative it is great to see the studio here brimming with lots of projects and ideas floating around.  Also owning a creative business means having to spin lots of different plates.  Everything from creating mosaic art to teaching and running a mosaic art online tutorial business that can reach all around the world.   It all keeps me very busy but doing what I truly love and sharing my passion with anyone that wants to learn mosaic art.   I even get to travel to Belgium in October to learn from mosaic master Dino Maccini.  At the end of the day, I am a lucky girl that has worked hard doing what I love building a business I am proud of.  I am happy to invite anyone that has a desire to learn mosaic art or would like to commission it in their home or business to get in touch and don't let a another day go by.

Cheers and here's to happy creating!