Back in the saddle that is....

Hello there...I have been away way way too long from this website and sharing my art.  I have been busy to say the least, but who isn't these days.  I could bore you with all the details about a trip somewhere every month for the last 5 months or I could just share a bunch of quick stories of the places I have been recently.

First was NYC and Philadelphia in March to see friends and go to the annual Society of American Mosaic Artists conference.  As a new board member to the SAMA organization I had a lot on my plate but it was a blast.  To spend almost a week with like minded mosaic artists that make a business out of it, I was in heaven.  I assisted the ever famous and amazing Sherri Warner Hunter.  Sherri is the best concrete sculptor out there when it comes to light weight concrete sculpting and mosaic art. 
Next was meeting Isaiah Zagar.  What a treat.  Isaiah has covered thousands and thousands of square feet of mural space with mosaic art all over Philadelphia.  He and his wife Julia have a non-profit called the Philadelphia Magic Garden.  It is a very special place and I felt lucky to be able to go there. 

Next I was off to  the Todos Santos Mosaic Art Retreat.   This is the second year I have taken a great group of people to Todos Santos to create mosaic art, share the beauty of the town and enjoy and relax in this seaside community...oh and did I mention the amazing food our personal chef created everyday!  It was an incredible time and I will be hosting it again in April 2016.  

And last but not least my latest commission was delivered before I left for Philly to a lovely family in Ventura, CA.  The title is "Always a Smile"....the family asked that the face be an almost laughing face.  I loved doing the closed eyes and having the mouth open with the tongue.  I created this piece on Wedi board with stained glass, dichroic glass and glass beads.  It is grouted with epoxy grout.  

Thanks for sharing with me your time and my stories....I will be back with more soon!  If you are interested in learning about how to create mosaic art please feel free to visit my school site at