Complete and Installed!!!

It is such a great feeling to complete a piece.  Especially the bigger ones.  They stay with me for so long and I do become attached to them, but in the end I am ready for them to go to their permanent home.  Being an artist that works primarily in commission based work can have a double edged sword.  It is so wonderful to create mosaic art, which I love, but I do it with another parties vision.  By doing so I do get to put my creative expression into it but I do not come up with the original concept.  I love having the opportunity to work with clients and express their ideas through my passion.  Being a mosaic artist and working with stained glass, mexican smalti and other beautiful and creative tesserae is a dream come true for me.  Thank you so much for seeing this one come to life from beginning to end.  It took about 250 hours and most of it was created outside with the Santa Barbara sun shining on my back and my chickens running around my backyard.  Specs on this piece are: 4'x5.5' on Wedi board.  Tesserae is stained glass, glass gems, mirror. Epoxy grout with a stainless steel frame.

I love what I do!

Details...sun has 3D wire eyelashes

Lion details....whiskers are 3D copper wire.